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If your track/series allows tire prepping, Grip-Bite Red is an excellent choice. Unlike the toxic treatments on the market, Daytona 1 has made Grip-Bite Red, along with a family of complimentary products, to be environmentally safe, non-toxic, with virtually no odor.  

Grip-Bite Red is designed for your Qualifying Tires. The application of this product will accelerate tire action and conditions the tire surface each time it is used. It works great on asphalt as well as dirt track tires. It builds bite and grip without softening the tire.  Using Grip-Bite Red right before a race will help the tires "fire off" faster, meaning that they get up to ideal operating temperature providing up to three fast laps for a better qualifying attempt. Grip-Bite Red is not intended to pass lab tests.

Usage Instructions:

Clean the tire first with Grip-Bite Aqua Race Tire Cleaner (available in a separate listing). It removes the mold release from new tires, opens the pores of the tire to better accept tire prep and cleans foreign material off used tires.

For best results, apply Grip-Bite Red at the track. Wearing rubber gloves (to protect hands from drying out), spray and soak the tire thoroughly. Let stand 2-3 minutes, but do not let it dry. Pressure wash or scrub the tire with a wet microfiber cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water. Either dry with a microfiber cloth or allow to air dry.

Grip Bite Red can also be used during the week as a base coat super prep before using the other Grip-Bite treatments.

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