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KRC 6-Rib Single Belt Water Pump Drive Kit (KRC-KIT-16225604)

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KRC Economy Water Pump Serpentine Pulley Front Drive Kit without tensioner. 

Customers asked and KRC delivered.

The KRC Power Steering Front Drive Water Pump Pulley Kit was created for racers on a budget. This affordable water pump 6-Rib Serpentine drive kit comes with KRC engineered quality overcoming belt stretch issues.

The KRC team designed a tapered water pump pulley to ease belt installation. The engineered kit eliminates belt slip and stretch is a thing of the past. Long lasting performance and reliable cooling all race long gets you to the finish line first.

Perfect for dirt racers that need lightweight rotating assemblies! 

The KRC Power Steering Accessory Belt for this system is now available.


KIT 16225604 includes:
- Tapered Water Pump Pulley eases belt installation
- Crank Pulley
- Complete kit weighs only 2.05 lbs
- Hex nut end cap to rotate engine
- 6% water pump speed reduction
- Belt 

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