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KRC Complete Small Block Chevy Elite Series Front Drive Kit -#16612122

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Complete Small Block Chevy Elite Series Front Drive Kit - SAVES 2 to 4 HP! The Lightest Rotating Front Drive System on the market at breakthrough Low Pricing!

KRC Power Steering has produced a NEW Small Block Chevy Front Drive Kit to leverage the success of the NEW KRC Power Steering Elite Series Pump. The new kit comes complete with the KRC R-Lok Serpentine Pulley System. All hardware is packaged for a one stop approach to your engine front drive set up.

The KRC 6-Rib Serpentine belt system connects the KRC Elite Series Pump with precision. The 9.6cc Elite Series Power Steering Pump features a Bolt-On Tank resulting in an engineered kit that looks great under the hood.

A performance KRC Water Pump is set up with pulleys for an easy install right out of the box. The DENSO 50 AMP Heavy Duty Alternator rounds out the engineered and lightweight system ensuring full power throughout the RPM range. 

KRC Power Steering has designed the new SBC Front Drive Kit for an easy install. Simple step by step instructions feature photos and clear descriptions resulting in a finished kit that right on.

Kit Includes:
KRC 38140500 Pro R-Lok Crank Adapter
KRC 38215375 R-Lok .375 Spacer
KRC 38205000 R-Lok Crank Nut End Cap
ESP 10096100 Elite Series Pump W/Tank
KRC 401600000 4.2" Serpentine Press On
ESP 10020000 Elite Pump Spacer .325
KRC 31416000 SBC Block MT Pump Bracket
GDY 4060330 6-Rib 33" Serpentine Belt
KRC 15101001 Performance Water Pump
KRC 15003000 WP Spacer Kit .375
KRC 38025400 4" Serpentine WP Pulley
KIT 16315000 Crate DENSO ALT Bracket
POW 8162 DENSO 50 AMP HD Alternator

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