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KRC Elite Series Power Steering Pump (KRC-ESP-10096000)

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ALL NEW from KRC Power Steering. The Elite Series Pump is manufactured to KRC standards with many of the features developed in their Pro Series pump built in. Manufactured in Kennesaw, Georgia - the KRC Elite Series Pump is all new and packed with affordable technology.

Did you know many power steering pumps in the market are simply a street car pump that has been rebuilt? At KRC they build their Elite pump from the ground up.
Sealed Bearings vs. bushings often used by the competition. Press On Pulleys and mounting that bolts right on in the standard GM configuration that is commonly utilized in racing.
KRC Power Steering Elite Series Pumps are fully adjustable for optimal driver feel. KRC Changeable Flow Technology offers 9 levels of feel creating the perfect steering from firm to light. Dial in the steering effort for a high banked bull ring or a 1 mile flat track. Get the perfect feel for every driver, car and track. A direct replacement for GM Type 2 - Type II power steering pumps.


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