Lightweight Aluminum Power Steering Pump by Jones Racing Products

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Each and every one of Jones Racing Products’ Lightweight Aluminum Power Steering Pumps undergoes complete testing on their custom built power steering pump dyno which allows them to set the pumps pressure and flow, along with a replication of the demands that the driver desires from his steering.  Use of these tests ensures each pump is setup correctly for each racer's needs from a local Saturday night dirt or asphalt short track to cup cars at Talladega.  Every pump test is logged and tagged to the pump by serial number and archived at the Jones Racing Products facility.  The serial number gives us the ability to offer the convenience of an annual check-up; the racer can send a pump back for a re-test that can be compared to the pump’s very first test session.

Lightweight Aluminum Power Steering Pump.  Uses a remote tank/reservoir.  
The high pressure line is a -6AN and the return line is a -10AN.

For the tank, we recommend Jones' JRP-PS-8101-B

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