Plug Wire Set - 8.5mm Sleeved Firewire by FAST #FST- 295-2401

FAST - Fuel Air Spark Technology

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8.5mm Sleeved Firewire PN: 295-2401

Ideal for racing, 8.5mm Sleeved FireWire® comes protectively encased with a Kevlar®-reinforced braided fiberglass mesh. This provides protection against abrasion and extreme heat in environments up to 1200° (F).

- This is the ultimate spark plug wire for serious performance!
- Exclusive Reactive-Core design actually filters RFI “noise” from the highest-output electronic ignition systems.
- Kevlar® reinforced with braided fiberglass mesh for added strength and protection.
- Pure silicone outer jacket features a double-layer of protection against extreme heat and underhood fluids.
- Under header design.
- 25 Ohms
- 90 Degree Boots
- Available in Black Only.
- Set includes 8 wires plus coil wire.

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FAST - Fuel Air Spark Technology
Plug Boots:
90 Degree