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ProFabrication NEW Dirt Late Model CT525 Inboard Rocket XR1 Stainless Header

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Dirt Late Model, CT525, Chevy LS, Inboard Rocket XR1, Black Diamond, 1 5/8"-1 3/4" Stepped, Tri-Y, 3.00" Outlet, Stainless Steel Exhaust Header.  Inlcudes 2 turn-outs.  Includes: 2x ProChamber 350 anti-reversion mufflers (102814-01).  Headers are designed to run with mufflers.

Dyno tested by Hendren Racing Engines 

Series: Dirt Late Model
Make: Chevrolet
Material: Stainless Steel
Tube Size: 1 5/8"-1 3/4" Stepped
Collector Configuration: Tri-Y
Outlet OD: 3.00"
Chassis: Black Diamond
Chassis: Rocket XR1
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