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2019 604 Crate Engine Recommendations from Hendren Engines (Video)

2019 602 Recommendations from Hendren Racing Engines (Video)

Use your Race Team Facebook Page to Gain Fans and Sponsors (Video)

Motorsports Fire Suppression Basics (Video)

Tech Tip: How to Adjust Valves (Video)

Tech Tip: Changing Valve Springs (Video)

Other Tech Articles & Videos (A-Z)

Ignition Tips with Terry Johnson from FAST ( Video)

7 Tips, Tricks, and Common Mistakes to Avoid when Wiring a Race Car

Anti-Reversion Mufflers-How They Work and How to Install Them (Video) 

AR Bodies Air Speed Nose and Valance Kit Installation (Video)

Best Radiator Choice for Crate Engines (Video)

Carb Spacers - Does Size Matter?

Carburetor Maintenance

Choosing the Right Brake Pads - An Interview with PFC Brakes (Video)

Common Cooling Mistakes (Video)

Defrictionate Your Car to Free it Up and Go Faster!

Do the "New Style" Heads Make More Power on a 604?

Do You Need an Alternator on a Crate Engine? (Video)

Drivers Offer Tech Tips About PFC Brakes and Pads (Video)

Firebottle Installation (Video)

Fix a Leaking Beadlock

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

How Often to Change Valve Springs

In Case of Fire…. A Race Car Fire Suppression System Buyer’s Guide

Know the Right Time for an Engine Rebuild

Lessen Drag with Bearing Spacers - How to Set them Properly (Video)

Oil Testing Data by Hendren Racing Engines

Pre-Filters: Fact vs. Fiction

Preparing Your Racing Equipment for Winter

Selecting the Right Carb Spacer for Your GM602 (Video)

Selecting the Right Carb Spacer for Your GM604 (Video)

Show Me the Dyno Sheet!

Tech Tip: Check Your Suspension

Tech Tip: Cooling Answers

Tech Tip: Ignition Inspection

Tech Tip: Ignition Timing

Tech Tip: Just Breathe!

Tech Tip: Oiling an Air Filter with Walker Performance (Video)

Tech Tip:  Performing a Leak Down Test (Video)

Tech Tip: Stay Frosty, My Friends!

Tech Tip: Stay Sparky! The Best Spark Plugs for Crates

Tech Tip: Thermostat or Water Restrictor? (Video)

Tech Tip: Timing Marks on 602/604 Balancers

Using Anti-Reversion to Create Free Power

What Year is My Engine?

Where Are the Cheater Bolts?

Why We Love REM Finishing (And You Should Too) (Video)


News & Interviews (Most Recent Listed First)

Interview with racecar driver Jensen Ford (Video)

Interview with Randy Keene from PFC Brakes (Video)

Interview with Racecar Driver Rusty Schlenk (Video)

Interview with Joe Beyea from Beyea Headers (Video)

Interview with racer Grant Garrison (Video)

Interview with Pat Fagen from Fast Shafts (Video)

Interview with Bill Martens from Chevrolet Performance - PRI 2018 (Video)

Interview with Race Car Driver Jeremy Mayfield (Video)

Interview with Race Car Driver Scott Gunn (Video)

Interview with Race Car Driver Benji Hicks by Crate Insider (Video)

Interview with Race Car Driver Dillon Brown by Crate Insider ( Video)

Interview with Race Car Driver Ryan Atkins by Crate Insider (Video)

Interview with Royce Henry and Mark Norris from Norris Racing Shop

Bill Martens from Chevrolet Performance Blasts the Latest Rumor About Crate Engines

Let's Talk About Trailers (Video)

Myths, Rumors, & What's New for Crates - An Interview with Bill Martens - Chevrolet Performance (Video)

Can Crowd-Funding Sites Actually Be Damaging To Your Racing Career?

Is it Possible to Become a Racer? These First Generation Racers Share Their Experiences

17 Do's and Don'ts for Seeking Sponsorship

New Crate Option for Sprint Cars

Humpy Wheeler Endorses Crate Insider and Shares his Thoughts on Crate Racing

Top 10 Reasons Racers Struggle To Get Sponsors and How To Stop The Struggle and Start Attracting Sponsors NOW!

How We Reached Nearly 6400 Facebook Likes in 5 Months

An Interview with Steve Hendren of Hendren Racing Engines

An Interview with Gary Winger of GW Performance 

An Interview with Mike Ingram of Ingram Engines

An Interview with Jim Bernheisel of Bernheisel Race Cars

Crate Summit Provides the Inspiration for Crate


New Products (Newest Listed First)

New Product HMS Caster Gauge Kit (Video)

NEW PRODUCT! Lightest Racing Fan Ever! (Video)

New!! Klotz CR-601 Unleaded Fuel (Video)

New Product - All New Joes Go Pro Mount 

New Product - Willy's ICT Carb (Video)

New Product - KRC 6-Rib Single Belt Water Pump Drive Kit  (Video)

New Product - Dominator SS Fan Shroud (Video)

New Product - Pro Fab 604 Dirt Late Model Headers (Video)

New Product- Velocita VR-2 Firesuit

New Product - Dominator IMCA Approved Modified Valance

New Product - AFCO Ultralight 16 Plus Rotor

New Product - Chassis Set Up Plates by Hammond Motorsports

New Product - Perfect AN Wrench from LSM Racing Products

New Product - Racers Choice Spray Wax

New Product EZ Rater Coil Over Load Rater

New Product - Allstar Rotor Spacer

New Product - Willy's Rollover Plate

New Product NecksGens REV2 Lite

New Product - Fan by Race Fan

New Product - PFC Brakes Hat and Rotor System (Video)

New Product - Daytona 1 Z-9 Rust Remover Bath (Video)

New Product - Realskins Tire Covers (Video)

QA1's New Carbon Fiber Driveshaft (Video)

New Product - GM602 Sprint Car Engine by Pace Performance (Video)

New Product - Radius Tooth Front Drive Kit by Jones Racing Products (Video)

New Product - Willy's Carbs Smartphone App (Video)

New Product - DayLube (Video)

New Grip-Bite Tire Prep System by Daytona 1

R2C Racing Oil Filter (Video)

GO Lithium introduces New 16 Volt Lithium Battery for Race Cars!

AFCO Introduces New Lightweight Radiator


Willy's Super Bowl

Daytona 1 Engine Oil Additive

NecksGen's Head and Neck Restraint

Jones Racing Products Serpentine Water Pump Drive System 1035-S-CE

Pace Performance Custom Fit Plug Wires for 602/604

High Velocity Heads 1/2" Spacer for 604's

Dynatech now offering Stainless Steel Headers for 604 Dirt Late Models


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