We've gathered all of our helpful valve spring videos in one place!

How to Change Valve Springs by Crate Insider

In this tech video, we demonstrate changing valve springs on a GM604 Crate Engine using LSM Racing Products SC-800 Valve Spring Changer.

Adjusting Valves Video by Crate Insider

In this Tech Tip, we show the proper way to adjust valves on a GM604. The tool used is called a Valve Lash Adjusting Tool and can be found in our online store.

How Often to Change Valve Springs

Ever wondered how often you should be changing your valve springs? We are using the LSM Valve Spring Pressure Tester in this video to test pressure on Tune in to find out!

How to Use a Valve Spring Pressure Tester

How Often Should I Change My Valve Springs? In this video, we are testing valve spring pressures on a GM602. As you notice springs getting weaker, you'll know it's time to change them.

The Truth about Matched Valve Springs

We had the chance to talk with engine builder Don Blackshear, the Motorsports Development Director at Pace Performance Circle Track Division to bust the myths and share the real scoop.

BTS- Rating Valve Springs

A Behind the Scenes look at our process for rating valve springs! It's a long process for sure, but the results are worth it!

Why 85lb Springs are BULL$HIT

We get this question a lot, and we want to clear the air. Tune in to find out why 85lb springs are BULL$HIT!

Cheater Valve Springs VS Stock

How are the cheater 604 valve springs compared to stock replacements? Tune in the find out!

Should you change the Shims When Changing Valve Springs?

Today Steve answers the question: Should you change the Shims When Changing Valve Springs?

How to Determine if Springs Need to be Changed Using a Spring Tester

Have you ever had to do the research to find out how to tell if your springs need to be changed? Definitely check out this video!

All About Valve Springs