Top End Lube - Uplon Fuel Lube by Klotz

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants

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Engine builders recommend using top end lube in your fuel to protect your engine and the components in your fuel system.  We offer the best on the market.  Just add one quart to 55 gallons of fuel.

Benefits include:

  • Provides upper cylinder and fuel pump lubrication.
  • Blends with methanol alcohol, ethanol, gasoline, and oxygenated fuels.
  • Maintains constant fuel pressure.
  • Extends fuel pump life.
  • Reduces maintenance ny keeping fuel injectors clean.
  • Reduces maintenance and wear on valve train system.

Recommended by Hendren Racing Engines for use with VP Fuels CHP.  

Sold by the quart.

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Klotz Synthetic Lubricants