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Willy's Super Bowl is an innovative system that delivers consistent fuel to your carburetor.  We are proud to be able to offer this item.  Please note that it must be installed on your carburetor in order to function properly. Once ordered, we will send you a shipping label for you to be able to send in your carb.


Gas- Fuel pump either needs to be belt driven or if its mechanical you'll need to have 15 lbs or more

Alky & E85- Belt drive pump only

We offer the option to add Willy's Fuel Cell Rollover Vent and recommend it more often for racers with the belt driven pumps. That is because there is more fuel flowing through with belt driven pumps. Willy's fuel cell vent is just like the traditional vents you see now with the roll over ball. One unique thing Willy's offers is a high flow poppet design which prevents pressure in the cell from pushing the ball up, seating, and stopping it from doing its job.

We also offer pressure lines for both mechanical and belt driven applications. The pressure lines go from the pump to the carb.

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