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Anti-Reversion Muffler for 602 or 604 by Hendren Racing Engines (priced per each)

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Updated for 2020! 

Anti-reversion mufflers specifically designed for use with the GM602 or GM604 engine to increase low and mid-range torque.

Designed by Hendren Racing Engines and manufactured by Pro Fabrication Headers and Exhaust.

According to Hendren Racing Engines, "In 90% of the applications we have tested, our Anti-reversion chambers/mufflers will produce around 15-20ftlbs of torque more between 2,500rpm to 4,500rpm and 5-10 more horse power in that same RPM range than the Beyea muffler. Overall top-end power levels out at a gain of around 4ftlbs and 4hp. We have also seen significant improvement and similar gains with this muffler on Schoenfeld and Hedman headers."

These mufflers are lightweight at only 1.5 lbs each.  Use with headers that have a 3" collector.  

Size: 3" Inlet, 3" Outlet, 8-1/2" Length

Priced per each.


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