High Velocity Heads

Here at Crate Insider we value our relationships with our vendors and appreciate the work they put into their products. In this video we hear from Keith Patel, owner of High Velocity Heads. You can find High Velocity Head’s Carb Spacers on our website, but in this video we really wanted to give Keith an oppurtunity to debut other products he offers. Keith’s start in the racing industry, like so many, started with his dad. Keith told us how his dad started his own valve jobs back in the 60s, and by the 80s he was doing Winston Cup Cylinder Heads.

This Knoxville Tennessee based company has three HAAS CNC Machines, one being a five axis machine that is horitzontal and does the porting. They honeslty have so many great products, so I had to ask, what is the most popular heads that they support? Keith’s answer, “The Dart Iron Eagle Platinum that we CNC pour. We do the valve job, we do the hand tuning and also the flow work.”

We love all the work that this family owned business does. They are precise, and I know that leads to more track wins than they would ever tell people.

You can find their carb spacers on our website at: https://crateinsider.com/brands/High-Velocity-Heads.html

For any other High Velocity Heads info, you can visit their website at: http://highvelocityheads.com/?fbclid=IwAR1IGzGu2L-lPm9QBabWsQb1ys3NFD24LewZ-6TQ1UO5nHIT6zz5OlZzbjE