Racing Insider's Podcast - Freshened Engines, Safety, and Kate's Fireproof Underwear

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Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page and Crate Insider YouTube Channel to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions.


We run Schaefer supreme 7000 synthetic plus 15/40 would you recommend this oil or an other viscosity?
Winterized and pulled my motor. Should i turn over by hand throughout winter. Spray anything in intake/header ports or spark plug holes at same time?
What plugs do you recommend in a 602 running CHP? And what Gap?
What size pulleys would you run on a spec motor for the water pump?
Stock type clutch and flywheel for an asphalt street stock? As light as the rules allow or on the heavy side?
602 crate northeast dirt sportsman, my local home track opened up rules on exhaust. Any header (no stainless) but stainless tail and mufflers is legal. Is a tri y or custom header better then a dirt legal style?
X85 vs Chp vs chp/pump mix what have you seen on the dyno with different fuels on the 525?
What's your opinion of Royal Purple oil?
On Vp rx 96 fuel at the moment looking to switch to x85 this year but a lot of 602 guys around my area NE Georgia having problems getting the e or x 85 to run or take off good, any recommendations?
What's the "average" life expectancy of a 604? For example is 70 nights a lot?
I'm preparing to purchase my first 602 for hobby stock, do you have any new products recommended since your last 602 sheet and video?
What’s the difference in e85 and x85?
Can you run thru what I need to do to change from pump gas to e85 on a street stock with a 602, fuel pump, reg, do I need a return?
What fuel pressure should I run?

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