Racing Insider's Podcast - Join us at the CARS Racing Show this Weekend!

Racing Insider's Podcast - Join us at the CARS Racing Show this Weekend!

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 2nd Jan 2023

The CARS Racing Show is this Friday and Saturday January 6-7! Come out and see all the new innovations for 2023!

CARS Racing Show in Hickory, NC this January 6-7th


Valve springs are not rated on seat pressure, but they are matched correct?
Intake springs are different then the exhaust on a 602?
Is the video about adjusting valve springs on a 604 on the Crate Insider website still the best way to adjust them after a valve spring change?
With all the braided line manufacturers out there. What is your preferred size hose?
Where would you recommend to connect a water pressure gauge?
Should the 602 run synthetic oil?
How much jets should change for Florida elevation. And anything else? Also if only have 2 jets per number would u put the bigger numbers in front or back?
Is there power to be gained with a smaller balancer and light weight flex plate with a 602?
Why do you run a water pressure gauge?
What is the best way to get to a 362 cubic inch motor?
My first year running a 602, what rate valve spring should i get when i replace them?
What radiator fan uses the least hp and still moves enough air for cooling a 604 on methanol with 1to1 pulleys and double pass radiator?

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