Selecting the Right Carb Spacer for Your GM602 (Video)

In this interview, we talk to Keith Petelle from High Velocity Heads about selecting the right carb spacer for a GM602. You can see them all at:

Full Transcript:
I'm Kate with Crate and I'm here today with Keith Petelle from High Velocity Heads. And Keith, I know you and I have worked together for a long time, pretty much ever since I started Crate Insider and obviously a lot of my customers run the GM 602 engines, so if they have a 602, what would be the spacers that you would recommend?

The spacers I would recommend—this 4150-4AL. This spacer here is a 4-hole spacer and it makes the most torque. This spacer also works on the 602, but it's more for mid-range power and top-end power. And that one is the Dual Plane Intake-- the Street Sweeper for the dual plane intake manifold.

You also have another one in case they have a 2-barrel Carburetor, correct?

I sure do. That one is right here and it is the SS4412-2AL. It's one of our most popular spacers and works really well with 2-barrel on the 602 crate.

Fantastic! I understand that you and your Dad, of course, were the first ones to come up with the idea of a carb spacer and the Super Sucker Carb Spacer, correct?

Oh yeah. I mean you know a lot of people invent things and don't know that other people invented it, but as far as he knows he was the first one to invent it. The first one that he would of done would have been this 4150-1AL which is actually our most popular seller.

Excellent! Thank you so much for taking the time to to point out these spacers for the GM 602s and it's always great working with you, Keith. Thank you, Kate.