Daytona 1

Daytona 1 PTRO Zinc Enhanced 15W-40 Break-In & Racing Oil Change Kit

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7 quarts of PTRO Zinc Enhanced 15W-40 Break-In & Racing and 1 Wix 51061R


Daytona 1's Break in Oil has a high quality base stock along with additive package so it can be raced. On top of that it is loaded with a Tri-Zinc package which is a blend they designed that allows the rings to seat but at the same time will protect the cam, bearings, and lifters.


Speaking of lifters, everyone knows Crate lifters have certain issues at times. They have designed the break in oil with the proper shear and viscosity specifications to maintain lifter pump and horsepower effectiveness. Basically putting this issue at rest for anyone using their oils. 



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