NEW Daytona 1 Dirt-Off II

Daytona 1

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DIRT OFF IS BACK !!  New formula- so we called it Dirt-Off II, same great product making your race car easy to clean after racing, dirt, or asphalt.


DRT-OFF, Dirt Repellent Technology is the newest product in the Daytona1 line to help keep your off road vehicle, four wheeler, motorcycle, or dirt race car cleaner by preventing mud from adhering to the surface of your vehicle.

DRT-OFF is a non-stick coating which provides a water-resistant high gloss shine to brighten any plastic or vinyl surface.  Great for those hard to reach places to make clean-up easier.

Apply to your four wheeler, motorcycle, Jeep, truck, or race car before heading out to the woods or the track.  If you live on a dirt road and would like to simply hose the dirt off your vehicle you have got to treat your vehicle with DRT-Off, your clean-up will be a breeze, "it's that easy".

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Daytona 1
Dirt Repellant
11 ounces