Racing Insider's Podcast - Spark Plugs, Carb Spacers, and Racelogic

Racing Insider's Podcast - Spark Plugs, Carb Spacers, and Racelogic

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 23rd Jan 2023


Do you have the newer 604 springs in stock Kate? Matched?
What’s the best fuel filter for 602 on E85?
Have you seen or ran the newer Holley 650's I believe they are a different center section?
How long to freshen 604?
What is the best water wetter to use, that really works?
Do you have any dyno experience with a stepped wall carb spacer on a 602?
How much Horsepower/torque loss do you see from not changing your valve spring every 5-10 nights and instead run them 15-20?
Wix 51060 still the best oil filter?
Why do i see some guys putting the 2brl carbs sideways? what's the advantage?
Are the brisk plugs worth the money?
What is the best air cleaner for asphalt racing, since we don't have a problem with dirt I wasn't sure if the Walkers is still your choice?
Have you seen timing issues using the stock GM Module? I have heard they can lose a few degrees in the upper rpm range.
Getting ready to change 602 Valve Springs and I would like to measure the force before putting them in. I have the Arbor press style hydraulic Pressure Checker. How much do we compress the spring to check?
What are you thoughts on fuel line sleeve, slip on and split/Velcro style?
Can a 604 engine be rebuilt to a sealed 602?
What Spark plugs are best for 602 running e85? and what gap do you prefer?
What is the best fuel pressure to set at idle and at full rpm on a 604 crate late model on e85?
Do you carry 5 Star Bodies products in house at Crate Insider?
We are getting ready to switch to e85, does the ignition advance stay at 34 degrees?

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