Racing Insider's Podcast - 2022 Pricing, Engine Tuning, and of course Heiny (Video)

Racing Insider's Podcast - 2022 Pricing, Engine Tuning, and of course Heiny (Video)

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 4th Apr 2022

Welcome to the Racing Insider’s Podcast!

Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions.

This week was full up questions about refreshing, tuning, and the upkeep of an engine. Which is understandable in this seasons state. We have continuing price changes, shipping has been a nightmare at times, and more detrimental is the lack of materials. Racers are having to settle for what is available. No worries though, Kate and Steve give great tips on adjustments and changes.


What’s your thoughts on the Brisk plugs for a 602? Can they hurt the motor?
FireWire plug wires, decent wires?
how often recommend changing racefan blades have a few chips in them just wonder if need to switch them out?
What percentage of leakdown is acceptable?
Best plug for 602? NGK 5724 or e-3 plug. Also gap?
How much horsepower gain between a good pump gas set up to proper e85 set up on a 602? What's the best formula to adjust valves on 602? 1/4 turn?
How often should we replace our spark plugs?
How often do you recommend changing plugs on a 602?
Should I add extensions to my headers on my 604?
Can you send a carb to ya for a carb makeover?
Reverse mount pump, etc. on a 604, power gains?
How often do you change valve springs?