Racing Insider's Podcast - Cooling Tips, Spring Pressure, and a Memorial Race Announcement

Racing Insider's Podcast - Cooling Tips, Spring Pressure, and a Memorial Race Announcement

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 12th Sep 2022

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Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page and Crate Insider YouTube Channel to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions.

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Will it be ok to choose the pro cam mechanical fuel pump to stop the cause of vapor lock issue because the new gas pumps now all have 10% ethanol in it to use on a carburetor engine?
Moving to a street/super stock class and going to be going with the 604 option. Rules just say must run a Holley 4 barrel carb, no aerosol carbs. Is the Ultra XP basically the way to go? 650 or 750 cfm better for the crate?
I’ve heard you mention the strange twist axles on your personal cars. Are they worth it? Pros and cons?
What’s the best header/muffler combo for a 604 street stock that will make the most torque without getting into a $1700 set of stainless steel headers? Or is the stainless really worth the money in that application?
I want to set the end play on my crate hei distributor shaft. What end play setting would you recommend?
Would you be content buying a the ultra XP new from Holley? Or is there more to be gained getting one from an actual carb guy?
I was always under the impression that “bigger is better” on carb spacers, but I’ve heard people saying being up against some big open motors with a 604, I’ve heard people say shorter usually equals more torque, and I feel like anywhere I can get more torque is critical. So in the case if true, is there “too short” of a spacer?
How much does your 604 carbs cost ? E85 .. Do you have 1 ready to ship or do you need me to ship mine to you to build?
Your thoughts on removing the power valve? Or is that not beneficial at all?
I've heard the newer 602's have valve springs that no longer have a damper. If this is true, are the spring retainers the same on the newer engines.
Does the phenolic plate replace the steel plate or used with the steel plate?
I've always heard open spring pressure is more important then closed seat pressure? Around what should open pressures be on crate 602?
Do I need change anything on a 604 on methanol to run the 6800 rpm over the 6400 rpm?
Any 602 winterizing tips? Back off valve springs /fogging engine?