Racing Insider's Podcast - February 21st, 2022

Racing Insider's Podcast - February 21st, 2022

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 21st Feb 2022

Welcome to the Racing Insider’s Podcast! 

Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions.

Kate and Steve are excited to be here this week to answer questions and give insight to the racing industry. This week’s episode is jam packed with some awesome tech advice. But we love keeping up the great Avgas debate right?!


thoughts on running E85 versus race fuel on an open motor?
What power is the on the dyno power difference between a serpentine belt system and a cog belt system complete front mount system water pump,, power steering alternator. 602 crate?
Are ur 602 already spoken for?
Nachos…or Polish dogs at the track lol ?
What’s the best open carb spacer? As far as height?
Renegade E85 or VP x85 for 604?
602 oil for longevity? Mobil 15-50 or some other racing oil?
Are multi fire plug wires worth the money on a 604 running chp?
Best water pump for 602
Best way to gain more torque for these stop and go tracks in Nor Ca?
What’s up guys how often should I replace the blades on the race fan on a 602?
Velocity or flat air cleaner on 602?
602 optimum timing and plug gap?
604 what’s best gas to run on 604 can not run e85 or chip
Speaking on the fast spark plugs wires on 604. I Was told u had to ground Where and how to ground them?
Mufflers or no mufflers on 604 beyea stainless headers w E85, also what size fuel line do u recommend for pick up and return line. -10 pick up -8 return?
Best rpm range on 602. For best power?
is the only difference between a 604 and a 602 the cubic inches or is there more?
Difference between test good e85 pump gas and your vp e85?
recommended oils for both 604 and 602?
Vp rx 96?
recommended oil for 602 and 604?
How big of a benefit is e98 vs e85 on a 602?

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