Racing Insider's Podcast - Giveaway Contest, Tech Tips, and Scout Sniper Eric Darling (Video)

Welcome to the Racing Insider’s Podcast! 

Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions. 

This week the guys kicked off this Memorial Day show with an introduction of special guest and Veteran badass, Eric Darling. Eric is a scout sniper for the Marines and was apart of the "Unknown Distance" documentary. We definitley recommend giving it a watch to better understand our armed forces and what they go through. 

The guys also suprised us with some awesome information, Crate Insider has started a monthly giveaway! This Month's giveaway is worth $344 and includes a Crate Insider flat air filter base and lid, Walker Performance Filtration's 4" filter, Joes Racing Product's Air Cleaner Stud Kit, a Crate Insider shirt, and two koozies! This complete package is a $344 dollar value. Click here to enter the June giveaway! 


While going through my carb I found that one of my jets was laying in the bowl. Is there anything else I need to check....oh by the way the engine was flat until half track and it seemed that the rear wheels were spinning? 

what makes the crates so quick compared to other late models? I compared lap times for past several weeks and they can run with about anything other than true supers according to the lap times?