Racing Insider's Podcast - Oil, Fuel, and Banned RUSH Seals

Racing Insider's Podcast - Oil, Fuel, and Banned RUSH Seals

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 7th Mar 2023


what is your opinion on using 87 octane non ethanol fuel in a 602 crate motor?
Also what octane booster I could use it up to 91 or 93?
what are your thoughts on plug indexing? 602 crate
Steve not asking you to reveal your secrets but what is your method of preparing and cleaning your tires?
How many races should you get out of oil before changing?
What is the best oil to run in a 602?
Explain Germaine test?
Daytona1 15w40 tell me your opinion an why or why not to use it?
3/4 preload with engine hot or cold?
What’s your opinion on the crate usa vs acas seal deal?
where is the best spot to put my reversion mufflers? How close to the collector?
On a CT525 where should the anti reversion muffler be placed behind the collector?
What’s your thoughts on running an hei street fire on a 602?
how long can a new engine set before you need to pre-lube it again before starting it?
How much preload do you put in 602 valve springs? I’ve heard 3/4 turn, 1 turn, 1 1/2 turn?
Opinion on pump e85 through a 602?
How much fuel pressure do you suggest for a 602 on E-85?
Would you recommend going ump mod or ump pro or do crate late models?
What’s the difference in the quick silver 602 vs a regular 602 I seen the rules at the big north Georgia race are allowing the quick silver

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