Racing Insider's Podcast - Shitting Lifters, E85, and Anti-Reversion (Video)

Racing Insider's Podcast - Shitting Lifters, E85, and Anti-Reversion (Video)

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 27th Jun 2022

Welcome to the Racing Insider’s Podcast!

Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions.

This week's show was awesome. Kate and Steve had some amazing tech questions come in, as well as some fun comments. Kate has been questioned heavily on the legitness of anti-reversion mufflers after posting a informational video on TIKTOK. Steve squashed all the doubt with his 30+ years of experience using anti-reversion technology. After Steve prematurely promoted the ARTS Radiator Thermostat System he was testing with great results, Kate received phone calls, messages, and emails from customers wanting one for themselves. She was so happy to announce that she finally has them on the shelves! Click here to get yours!

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