Torque, Horsepower, and Buyer Beware

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Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions.

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How much hp does it take to run a alternator/whats a good alternator setup to run?
What’s your recommendation for headers for 604 late model on E85?
How do you get torque out of a 604?
How tall of air cleaner do you recommend. With flat air cleaner base and top?
With IMCA going to a 6800 chip rule from 6400. Do I have anything to worry about putting a 6800 chip?
Do I run a different plug for E85?
Have you done anything with eq1 heads or dart heads for b mod?
I am for the first time installing Schoenfeld try-y headers to my 6 race old 604. I haven’t been running a muffler. Is there a muffler that will increase performance, or should I leave it open?
Can you have too much torque?
I’m going to run a 602 bmod on e85. I have a whole Jones front drive system but I’m looking to see what size Jones fan y’all would recommend?
Also, CRUSA just wrote in that e85 is now allowed in 602 with a 50 lb weight penalty, is the difference in performance worth the 50 lbs?
Are we getting closer to being able to get spark plugs easier?
Going from 105 octane to 91, would you recommend tuning the carb at all?
How many races and/or laps do you recommend oil changes for the various top racing oils?
What’s your thoughts on oil coolers?
With a 602, would you say it’s safe to change my 6400 chip to 6500? It’s either that or gear change in my situation because we are on the chip too soon before corner entry?
I’m making the switch to E85 and just got my new stealth carb in. Curious as to should I run any top engine lube in my fuel and if so what do you recommend? Ill be running x85.
Any special oil I need to run with e85 or does my oil change cycle need to shorten to 3 races vs 5?
Hey Kate and Steve ! For steve what is a better fuel for a 602 crate e-85 or vp109?
Is there a big difference between the walker air filters and k&n air filters?
Should the fan be half in half out of shroud?
Kate, is the allstar distributor gear that you have on your site the one that i need for a 602? and will it fit the msd black chevy pro billit distributor you sell?

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