Unsealed - Anti Reversion Mufflers, Expansions, and Mid-Life Crisis Mobiles (Video)

Welcome to our show Unsealed: Life Beyond the Bolts! 

Each week, Kate Dillon from Crate Insider and Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing Engines go live on the Crate Insider Facebook page to chat about world events, random things, and to answer tech questions.

This Week

Kate and Steve both had an exciting week. Kate has just pulled the trigger on a larger warehouse for Crate Insider. And Steve has claimed that this week was 8 out of 10, so a pretty great week for both.

Questions Asked On The Show

Does Steve recommend plugging the by-pass valve in the oil filter adapter?
On the anti reversions for 604 crate late do you recommend putting them straight on the end of the collector?
6800 chip why does tach read 6600 or 7000 chip reads 6800?

How much can u turn a 602 rpms wise?

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