Unsealed | RTV Silicone, Liberals, Blog Posts, and Blueberries (Video)

In this episode, we kick it off with a bit of political chat based on current events. 

We’re attempting to reason with liberals. And we’re answering audience questions.

Weigh in–what does “using a liberal amount” mean to you?

Questions include:

How much rtv should I use when installing my header gaskets? 

What headers do you recommend for a Street Stock with a 602 running your anti reversion mufflers? 

What headers do you recommend for the 602 crate late model and also the smaller collectors or larger collectors? 

What are your thoughts on Larson spanking the late models at Port Royal? (Kyle Larson is a bad ass. We agree on that.) 

I have the willys equalizer carb with the super bowl system I have the -15psi pro cam fuel pump. Fuel regulator or no?

Got your bags packed for the next week, for a trip to Boone Speedway, in Boone Iowa for the IMCA 33rd Annual Super National’s ???

(No) Alternator vs no alternator with just a 12 volt battery. Any power loss toward the end of the race?

I read somewhere to run the 602 with 6 quarts of oil instead of 7 to gain more performance. Any truth in this and your thoughts? 

What is 604 refreshing cost? 

What are your thoughts on the fires that have been happening when fueling with funnels that have filters?

Have you had a chance to dyno a new 2020 spec 602 and how much of a difference did you find if you did? 

How decent are the Schoenfield 602 headers? 

What improvements have been made to the new style 602 & 604?

Is there a gain grounding your heads to the chassis? 

Do you need to run a valve spring shim under 602 valve spring?

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PS: #TRUMP2020