Fire Bottle AMRC-1000 Automatic or Manual Fire Suppression System - 10#

Fire Bottle

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Fire Bottle is the original manufacturer of racing fire suppression systems and they are still the best.  This system combines the best of both worlds--it offers both automatic and manual activation.

The AMRC-1000 is a 10# Automatic Manual Pull System. The bottle is made of aluminum, the dimensions are 18.95″ X 5.25″, and weighs 17 lbs. Each AMRC has one line that would be Automatically set off when the temperature reaches 170 degrees along with 3 Manually operated nozzles.

The system comes with the following:

1 – Filled 10# Automatic-Manual System
1 – Activating Head
1 – Pull Cable
1 – Discharge Adapter
3 – Nozzle Adapters
3 – Nozzles
2 – Tubing Tees
1 – Discharge Tubing Roll
1 – Aluminum Mounting Bracket Plate
2 – Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets

Note:  All pressurized fire suppression systems are classified as Hazardous by the US Department of Transportation.  The flat rate shipping on this item includes the hazardous material fees.

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This item ships directly from the manufacturer in Florida. 

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Fire Bottle
Automatic/Manual System
10# System
Dupont FE-36