Fire Bottle RC-500 Fire Suppression - Manual 5# System

Fire Bottle

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The Fire Bottle is a product you hope you'll never need to use.  Reduce your risk and stay safe.

It works by suppressing fire with DuPont's FE-36.  When the cord is pulled, the bottle discharges completely, so you don't have to fight the fire while also fighting to get out of the car.  The special chemical is SFI approved, does not obscure vision, does not impede actions of the safety crew, and leaves no chemical residue or costly clean-up. 

The RC-500 is a 5# manual pull system. The bottle is made of aluminum, the dimensions are 17.20″ X 4″, and weighs 9lbs. This bottle is SFI Approved.  It comes with either a 5' or 15' pull cable and can be ordered with aluminum or steel tubing.  The system includes (2) nozzles. 

All pressurized fire suppression systems are classified as Hazardous by the US Department of Transportation.  The flat rate shipping on this item includes the hazardous material fees.

The system comes with the following:

1 – Filled 5# Manual System
1 – Activating Head
1 – Pull Cable
1 – Discharge Adapter
2 – Nozzle Adapters
2 – Nozzles
1 – Tubing Tees
1 – Discharge Tubing Roll
1 – Aluminum Mounting Bracket Plate
2 – Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets

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This item ships directly from the manufacturer in Florida. 

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Fire Bottle
Manual Pull System
5# System
Dupont FE-36

    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Alex Yarbrough on 27th Jan 2018


    Mounting challenges

    Five stars for Crateinsider. Fast and simple order processing and shipping was same day. Competitive price and good customer service, what more could you ask? The installation was a little tricky. I used a piece of flat stock with a slight bend and 2" bolts to mount the bracket to my frame (no instructions on mounting the bracket). The band clamps are about a half inch too big. I bottomed out the thread on the clamps, but the bottle seems tight to the bracket, so I think it will work. It would be nice to have a little thread left so I can be sure that the clamp is tight to the bottle and not just the threads bottomed out. All-in-all, it seems like a quality product, and I hope I never have to test it.