Schaeffer 709 10W-30 Supreme 7000 Synthetic Racing Oil - Quart

Schaeffer Oil

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This is Schaeffer's new racing oil.  Sold by the quart in this listing.  We also offer case quantities in a separate listing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is "Synthetic Plus Technology" oil?

A. A blend of 100% pure parraffin base oils PLUS the finest PAO synthetic base stocks with the best synthetic base stocks.

Q. What advantage does it have over commercial grade oils?

A. Most commercial grade oils begin breaking down at 170ºF. SUPREME 7000 stands a higher heat range than commercial grade oils (up to 250º more). The result is less oil consumption and longer oil life.

Q. When is the toughest time on your engine?

A. At start-up, because your oil's in the pan, not in the engine. So, when you start your engine, metal grinds against metal. And in those first 60 seconds, engineers estimate that 80% of your engine wear takes place.

SUPREME 7000 does what no other oil can. It protects your engine even when the oil isn't there. SUPREME 7000 incorporates two proven friction fighters, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, that plate to the internal parts of your engine and protect it against start-up wear.



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