Picture of the week: The 2015 Racing Season has begun!  Here's a shot at the start of the Nesmith Late Model Feature on January 29th, 2015 at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, FL.  Photo Courtesy of Mike Leone.
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"Hopefully, with excellent websites like yours it will help racing get back on its feet by showing racers the true answer is to lower costs."
--H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler, Promoter, regarding CrateInsider.com
WELCOME TO CrateInsider.com -
We are your resource for all things Crate-related!

This site was created to bring all aspects of Crate Racing together in one place. Here is what you can expect:

Fans and drivers alike will enjoy seeing schedule information from multiple racing series and tracks. Published schedules will also help promoters avoid scheduling big races during the same weekend.

Race teams will easily be able to compare rules from multiple series if they are considering running races under more than one sanction. They can also reference the list of approved engine rebuilders to find the one who is most suited to their needs.

We seek to be the central resource for providing technical information with Crate motors as the focus.  While there are multiple forum sites, none provide expert technical advice, just the opinions of random posters who may or may not truly know anything about the topic.  Our panel of experts includes industry professionals who have the knowledge to respond to the most technical questions you may have.

One thing we are not is the place to learn how to cheat engines.  With the technical advice you can see on the site, you won't need a cheat engine to win. 


Industry news will be available on the site.  You will also see company profiles and opinion pieces.

Our online store will grow over time as new products are added.  Our goal is to eventually have everything you need for your racing program, all in one place, and all Crate-specific.

Much of the information on the site is free and available to all.  However, our subscribers have full access to all technical articles and forums, including the Ask an Expert forum where industry experts answer technical questions.  Subscribers also receive special deals in our online store!

We are serious about Crate Racing.  Thank you for joining us!