Racing Insider's Podcast - Ball Splines, Spark Plugs, and Staying out of the Wall


Spark Plug Indexing is it worth it?
Do you recommend low drag bearings on all 4 wheels or just the front?
On the gen 2 bert transmissions is the Crate guys getting them ballspline or slip yoke?
On a 602, is there an advantage to using a lightweight flexplate?
What are your thoughts on lightweight balancers on a 602. Is it a bolt on or part of the engine? And, is there an advantage to a lightweight balancer?
Were is the best location to install Coolant temp Sensor in a 602 engine?
I've got a damaged rocker arm stud in a 602that makes it hard to get the valves set right. Any recommendations for a workaround until I can pull the engine for a refresh?
I got a new set of schoenfeld headers for 604 crate late. Got extensions and mufflers. Do you recommend using the extensions?
Are brisk spark plugs best for a 602 on gas?

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