Racing Insider's Podcast E85, Fuel Pumps, and the Road Rage Champ

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My new 602 crate with about 20 races has just failed the leak down. Cylinder 3 are at 55% and 4 is 42% leak down. We ran the motor up to temp. As a team we have decided to run it more. We have done a quality winter prep for now. Would you recommend something different?
Kate and Steve can you explain the 6 valve benefits of the pro cam fuel pump?
Whats the difference between a wix 51060r vs 51061r?
What's the difference between x85 and e85?
On a 602 rebuild, do you use GM parts or aftermarket parts?
What is the fastest/easiest method of changing gear oil in a 9 inch? Do you guy do other than crate motors? Any word on the crate programs coming to and end of an era?