Racing Insider's Podcast - Rated Rockers, Thermostat Systems, and Engine Blueprinting Explained

Racing Insider's Podcast - Rated Rockers, Thermostat Systems, and Engine Blueprinting Explained

Published by CRATE INSIDER on 16th Jan 2023

Do you need to re-shim your valve springs every time you change them?
You do recommend checking matched springs after every race right?
Any update on the new style 604 valve springs?
Has there been enough testing to compare to the "Blue" springs as far as longevity?
I run a thermostat with my 602 it has helped me tremendously on fuel consumption to get the car up to temp but would you recommend keeping it and running a dual bypass neck for security measures with it or just try running different restrictors and doing away with the thermostat???
How many engine refreshes can you get on stock piston on a 602?
Steve what are you actually allowed to do when you do a crate motor at your shop?
What is the benefit of a 3 circuit carb vs. 2 circuit?
Would too large of an exhaust collector on a 360CI 10:1 engine make it lazy when picking up the throttle?
Steve, what iRPM is lowest you want to see on the recall after a race on a 602?
I was referring to how low would let the rpm's go on a 602 before changing to a lower gear How far do you run race fan from radiator? 525 on x85 do you recommend running the thermostat or no?
Explain the Arts thermostat system and the benefit?
How long do you think the Walker air filters last before they need replaced or is just case by case?
Would you recommend putting the anti reversion mufflers with the kevco kit?
Here in Ohio and Northern Kentucky we do not season techs or series checking crates. Is there direction we can steer track owners to educate them selves and techs?
How many RPM’s would be gained by changing from a Saginaw/Muncie type trans to a brinn or bert?
Alternator no alternator?
On a blueprinted motor do the seals and gaskets help with not sucking in dirt on a 602 or was that just a out the box speedway motor I remember you talking about it last week on the live?

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