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Tech Tip: Changing Valve Springs (Video)

In this tech video, we demonstrate changing valve springs on a GM604 Crate Engine using LSM Racing Products SC-800 Valve Spring Changer.The LSM SC-800 Valve Spring Changer is available in our online store here. The LSM Speed Handle mentioned in the v…
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Oil Testing Data by Hendren Racing Engines

The following information was provided to Crate Insider by Hendren Racing Engines:We have concluded our first round of oil testing. Please note that the bulk of our testing was performed on one day, January 20th, 2014, with oils provided by five diff…
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Using Anti-Reversion to Create Free Power

Written by: Steve Hendren from Hendren Racing EnginesSince the public introduction of our anti-reversion muffler by crateinsider.com, I’ve received multiple questions about these mufflers each week. So, I’ve decided to sit down and try to explain the…
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Do You Need an Alternator on a Crate Engine? (Video)

Welcome to our Tech Question of the Week Series. Customer Bobby Hackel asks: Do you recommend running with an alternator or without for horsepower gains? Or is the voltage more important through the duration of the race?Alternators are a complex iss…
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